Classic Tents

Each tent is unique, varying in vibrant colours and funky patterns, click for more info.


Luxury Tents

Offering comforts such as handmade wooden tables, eco-friendly rugs and winter tog bedding. Click for more info...


Deluxe Tents

A vintage suite – raised bed with memory foam mattress, rugs, chairs, phone charging and more. Click for more info...

Tent Sizes

Please note all of our tents are unique, varying in colour and design, so below is just a rough guide. If a group of adults is sharing a tent we’d recommend choosing a tent size up, 5 adults with 5 x single beds in a “large” tent can be a bit of a squeeze in the sleeping compartment – for a bit more wiggle room we’d recommend an “extra large”.


Sleeps up to 2
  • Roughly 3.5m x 2m
  • Full standing height living area
  • One double sleeping compartment to fit 1 x double airbed or 2 x single airbeds


Sleeps up to 4
  • Roughly 3.5m x 3m
  • Full standing height living area
  • Most commonly 2 x double sleeping compartments, best suited to double airbeds
  • Occasionally with awnings


Sleeps up to 5
  • Roughly 4m x 3.5m
  • Full standing height living area
  • Either 1 large sleeping compartment or a double and triple

Extra Large

Sleeps up to 6
  • Roughly 4.4m x 4m
  • Full standing height living area
  • Sleeping compartments are either one large, a double and quadruple or 3 doubles
  • Best suited to 3 x double airbeds rather than 6 x singles