Best Glamping Provider 2019

“The judges loved the upcycled tents provided by Vintents, along with a whole host of other sustainable initiatives. They were also impressed with its clear dedication to customer service backed up by great client testimonials.”

What we do

At Vintents we’re all about doing things differently. We collect and upcycle beautiful colourful canvas tents and pitch them at festivals and events around the UK. We can supply up to 100 quirky canvas tents – bringing colour and vibrancy to boutique camping sites throughout the UK.

Each tent is a genuine vintage article with its own vibrant colour scheme and retro patterns. They’re all full standing height throughout with separate cotton canopied sleeping compartments, making them both practical and cosy. From classic to luxury furnsishing we’ve got it covered!

Why we do it

We’re on a mission to combat the Monday morning throw away mentality at festivals and give life back to these vintage treasures. Sustainability is important to us so we’ve been stitching and patching to bring our tents back to mint condition.We aim to offer a stylish, affordable option for festival go-ers with a small carbon footprint.

  It really was a different era when things were made with considered design and people looked after their stuff.  We absolutely love all the differences in our tents and take such pride in our collection.

But let’s be honest, we also do this for a love of Festivals, music, the arts and to be involved in one of the largest platforms for creativity in the world.

Our Festivals

Meet the Tents

 A glimpse into our collection…