The test of time

Things that stand the test of time,
For me, hold more beauty than the most sublime,
Contemporary design.

I guess I love things old;
Dressers, chairs, tobacco tins, dark browns, faded golds,
If it’s vintage, retro or classic, I’m sold.

It came as a little surprise then,
When shortly after I became obsessed with festivals and events,
My world became revolved around vintage tents…

From canvas to yarn,
From a garden shed to a barn,
Our collection has brought us so far.

To erect an exhibition of canvas, colour, patterns, designs and shapes,
In ancient forests and 1000 year old estates,
For festival revellers in all kinds of states,
Has been the biggest pleasure of my life to date.

I’ve never been one for brands,
But canvas tent manufacturers have me like putty in their hands.

So out of love for 70’s tent designs,
I will try to rhyme, line by line,
Tent makers divine:

Marechal Eco 4 hasn’t a flaw,
Cabanon Antigua has but 3 doors,
And Raclet’s sun burnt orange, my love adores.

When you take a nap in 1-2-Trio’s ‘Barbados’,
You’re floating up the river with coconut shades on.

And if you look closely at Relum Canaria,
You’ll see brighter colours of of the soviet era.

Trigano ain’t just for show,
Blacks Of Greenock go toe to toe,
With Lichfield, Sunncamp and other British Tent Pros

It’s hard to choose between Terka Tents and Turtle,
With psychedelic greens and peacock pattern curtains.

The Germans have Strommeyer and the Dutch have a few;
Walker, De Waart and Obelink for something new.

From Denmark to Derby,
Gdansk to France,
The amount of different tents makes me want to dance..

Back to a time when things were beautifully made,
Designed by artists and masters of their trade,
Built to last for more than a few camping holidays.

Handmade with unique properties and minimal ubiquity –
At Vintents we just can’t get enough of this antiquity.

Yesterday 21st March was the first day of spring, our very own Tent Master Harry Collett’s birthday and of course World Poetry Day! So Harry wrote about his love for all things vintage..