Work with us

Get the chance to be part of a great crew, travelling the country and attending amazing festivals. We work together, eat together and party together. We should say that we are not a massive party crew – there is downtime at the weekend to enjoy the festival, but if you then can’t get up at 7.30 on Monday morning for a hard days work then you will struggle.

Our preference is to have a solid crew who work together all summer so we won’t accept applications to work at one or two specific festivals at this time. All candidates must be physically fit and capable of working long hours in any weather. If you would like to attend one specific festival we operate at, then you can contact us to see if we have any bed making / reception volunteer slots available.

If your application is successful, we will ask you to an interview in person or via zoom. Then we will invite you to a recruitment day (paid) at our barn near Lewes, East Sussex. Date tbc.

Job Roles:

Tent master, van driver with trailer: £13 / hour

MUST BE LOCAL TO SUSSEX. Our vintage tents can be tricky to put up perfectly, especially as each one is different. This keeps it fun and less monotonous than other tent roles. This role is for someone who has experience either in the tent world or possibly in building / carpentry. Being able to understand our methods that we have concocted through experience, along with understanding angles and tension etc. You will be personable and helpful and able to assist general site crew if they are stuck. Ideally located near our base in East Sussex and available May – Sept. We will provide trailer driving course.  Must be experienced driver aged 25+

Furnishings master: £12.5 / hour

MUST BE LOCAL TO SUSSEX. This is for the organised list lovers! We take pride in furnishing our tents to a high standard, and on a big site consistency is important. You will work as general site crew for the first phase of the build, erecting tents until there’s enough tents up to start with the beds and furnishings. You will learn how our spreadsheets work, organise the general crew to distribute, and then manage the bed making. Good communication and neat bed making a must. You will drive a luton van with your beloved furnishings inside. Sewing skills a bonus here for on site stitch ups! Must be experienced driver aged 25+

General site crew – no driving – £11 / hour FULL

This is a broad role which includes everything from setting up tents, making up inner tents, blowing up airbeds, distributing furnishings, making beds and checking in guests. You will be the backbone of the build, doing a bit of everything. The ideal candidate will be very good at following instructions, have experience working outside/doing some form of manual or practical work. No direct experience required, just a good can do attitude. Available from June – September

Crew Chef: £12 / hour FULL

The most important role of them all. Being able to cook nutritious, delicious food for 6 -15 people whilst catering to different diets in a pop up camp kitchen. This will include planning the meals, shopping, cleaning and organising the kitchen on set up and take down. You will also work in the field with the crew for 2-3 hours a day except on big jobs where your focus will be keeping everyone refuelled. Must be a driver aged 25+.

Site Manager. Includes van driving with trailer: £15 / hour FULL

Site Manager must be able to fully learn, understand and execute all of the above roles, to provide constant assistance and management to the team. Along with managing site layout, dealing with festival site managers, and competent van unloading / loading. Must also be confident in managing reception crew and maintenance during live event days. Must have excellent communication skills, be very practical, good at solving problems and be responsible. Available from mid April / early May to learn how our barn works through til mid September. This role is suited to someone who wants to work hard all summer and earn well. Experience in boutique camping preferred. Must be experienced driver aged 25+

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