Terms & Conditions


By making a booking with Vintents the hirer is accepting our Terms and Conditions (2019).

Please note all our tents are unique and vary in shape and colour.


Vintents endeavours to supply tents and equipment ordered by the hirer but where this is not possible we will notify you as soon as possible with information about any changes to the specification of the equipment. Where we cannot fulfil an order and you, the hirer, are not happy with an alternative offer, you may cancel the contract and we will make a full refund of any hire fees that have been made.

 All Vintents tents are individually sourced and vary in size and shape from each other. The photographs we use on our website and in our marketing material provide a guide to our tents and we cannot guarantee providing a specific tent of a specific shape and colour to a hirer. We do endeavour to meet each hirer’s specific needs when we allocate equipment.

The equipment that Vintents supplies for hire at events and festivals is solely the tented accommodation and equipment within that accommodation. We do not have direct control over other equipment and services provided by the festival event organisers or their agents.


Vintents tents are all vintage equipment and by their nature are in serviceable condition but with reasonable wear and tear as expected for vintage canvas structures. We endeavour to ensure that our equipment is serviceable and fit for purpose for short stays at festivals and events.

We expect guests to take care of the equipment provided by Vintents and ensure that tents are kept closed and dry when not occupied.


Vintents shall, at their entire discretion,  be entitled to cancel the booking if  the Event is cancelled or if there are adverse weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Vintents (such as  undue risks posed to our equipment and to hirers by prevailing weather conditions and/or dangerous or illegal working conditions on the site provided by the festival or event)

In the event of cancellation by the hirer due to the Event being cancelled or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Vintents , Vintents will refund the following from the booking

i) Cancellations made less than 28 days of the event start date: No refund available.

ii) Cancellations made at least 28 days prior to the  event start date: At the entire discretion of Vintents, a Full refund can be paid  less an administration charge of £50.

iii) If the event is postponed due to restrictions set in place for Covid19, customer booking will be rolled over to the new date. 

iv) If the event has been postponed due to Covid19 restrictions or otherwise, and the customer would like to cancel their booking in lieu of an amended date, a full refund can be paid less an administration charge of £50.

v) If the event is cancelled for any reason, including Covid19 restrictions, and no alternative date is offered, customers will be entitled to a full refund minus booking and transaction’s fees (Stripe transaction fee is 1.4% for European cards + 20p per booking. 2.9% for non-European cards + 20p per booking).


If you need to change your accommodation requirements with Vintents once you have completed a booking – for example to upgrade to a larger tent or to add air mattresses and bedding – please contact us directly by email or telephone to discuss your needs.

Any refunds as a result of an amended booking are solely at our discretion and will be subject to a £10 administration fee.


Hirers should not use naked flames inside the tent with the exception of the use of suitable gas camping cooking equipment in the living area of the tent. No naked flames should be used in the inner tent section of our tent. Where festivals and events allow the use of barbecues and open fires, these should not be used within two metres of our equipment.

Barbecues should never be used inside a Vintent as they pose substantial risk to health when used in a confined space.

Vintents cannot accept responsibility for the security of tents used by hirers at festivals and events. We provide a reception service on site and within the vicinity of our tents and endeavour to ensure a reasonable level of security within the area but cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any personal property.

Vintents cannot be held responsible for damage to our equipment as a result of any negligence by the actions of the festival or event organisers, their agents or other festival attenders.

Vintents reserves the right to charge customers and clients for any damage caused to our tents or furnishings during their stay. This includes but is not limited to: heavy soiling of the furnishings, smoking inside the tent, rips and tears due to misuse of the tent, waste disposal due to large amounts of rubbish left inside or outside the tent.


We will keep personal data relating to each hirer secure and confidential and will never knowingly pass your details on to third parties.

We will occasionally pass information on to you about other services available from our associates operating at a festival or event where you have booked a Vintent. This will solely be on the basis of providing you with information about other services that are directly relevant to your camping needs at the festival or event.


Vintents accommodation will be available in line with the festival/event campsite opening times. This is set out in the hire agreement for equipment at each festival and will include details of variable opening times offered by different festivals.

For example, Vintents can make our equipment available on Sunday at Deer Shed Festival in line with the festival’s policy of an extended camping offer. Any extensions will be subject to charges set out in our schedule of fees


Booking camping accommodation through Vintents does NOT include your festival ticket or any other passes required in relation to the boutique campsite. Please ensure that you have festival tickets for all members of your party BEFORE booking your festival camping with Vintents.


Vintents Ltd Company Registration No. 0696172.

Registered Address: Unit 29, The Town Hall, St Georges Street, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 7BY.