Recycle Your Canvas Frame Tent!

At Vintents, we’ve been collecting canvas frame tents since 2014 and it really has been a labour of love. We’re extremely proud of our collection and are keen to keep it growing.

We currently pitch our tents at over 17 UK festivals and were awarded the ‘Best UK Glamping And Accommodation Supplier 2019’. We are becoming one of the nation’s favourite providers and it’s all thanks to the revival of these fantastic tents. 

In a world where the term “throw away” is thrown around too much, we aim to showcase an era when things were built to last and people looked after their stuff. We’re humbled with each new addition to the collection and excited to give them a new lease of life.

*Unfortunately due to coronavirus we’ve had to reduce our spending, so we’re only purchasing the select few. We are however accepting donations and can guarantee your tent will be in fantastic hands and very well looked after!*

Contact us about your tent: