Recycle Your Canvas Frame Tent!

At Vintents, we’ve been collecting canvas frame tents for 4 years now, it really has been a labout of love. We’re extremely proud of our collection and are keen to keep letting it grow. If you have ever camped in one of these tents – i’m sure you will agree with all their benefits:

  • ♥ The canvas keeps you cool in the sun and protected from the elements
  • ♥ They’re tall enough to stand up in
  • ♥ The feeling of drawing the (extravagant) retro curtains in the morning
  • ♥ Cosy 100% cotton canopied bedrooms
  • ♥ Their vibrant colour pallettes
  • ♥ Individuality – fringing, kitchens, roof hangings and more!

So, the big question is… Why did they go out of fashion?

Well, they’re big bulky and very heavy. You definitely don’t want to be walking 2 miles to the Glastonbury camping spot with a canvas frame tent. We’ve also heard many a memory of parents struggling to put them up in the rain, with their over excited kids running havoc, providing a somewhat stressful start to a holiday. But it does make for a great antidote, and we love the history that comes with each and every one!

At Vintents, we aim to take that stress away, but still enable people to camp in these beautiful structures. We currently pitch our tents at over 10 UK festivals, as well as for weddings and private events. With a fresh national award – ‘Best UK Glamping And Accommodation Supplier 2019’, we are becoming one of the nation’s favourite providers and it’s all thanks to the revival of these fantastic tents. 

We truly believe these are the best tents on the block, and they’ve been around it for over 40 years. The cotton & fast fashion industry today is one of the biggest polluters on our planet. In a world where the term “throw away” is thrown around too much, we aim to showcase an era when things were built to last and people looked after their stuff! By upcycling tents that are already in the eco system, our impact on the environment as a business is a lot less than many other boutique camping suppliers out there.

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