Our philosophy and idea is based upon re-use and up-cycling. We’re on a mission to combat the Monday morning throw away mentality at festivals and showcase an era when things were made with considered design and people looked after their equipment.

  • All our tents were manufactured in either the UK or Europe up to 40 years ago
  • We stitch, Patch, Sew and Weld to get our tents back to mint condition ready for the season
  • If something breaks, we fix it and we try our best to create as little waste as possible
  • We upcycle our business waste in whatever way we can e.g empty barrels of waterproofing agent into plant pots
  • Shelving and furniture in our Vintents Barn is all made from wood waste from building sites

Carbon Footprint

Vintents is carbon neutral. Our day to day business activity produces roughly 12.5 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, just slightly more than the average UK citizen’s footprint. We are constantly working to lower this but where we can’t, we offset our carbon emissions by supporting renewable energy initiatives in developing countries. We only support projects that meet the requirements under the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting. Our efforts:

  • Our Vintents Van passes the London Low Emissions Test and when we hire vehicles we opt for modern, energy efficient models.
  • We send our staff on public transport between events where possible instead of using unnecessary vehicles.
  • Our Vintents Boutique Camping pitch is off grid and requires no electricity, gas or generators.
  • All of our tents are vintage and no cotton was harmed in us collecting and fixing them up.
  • Our storage/workshop is a flint stone barn that uses traditional methods of insulation and aeration which means that the only energy we need is light, which we only really use at night time, and a sewing machine.
  • Our energy bill for the period April 2018 – November 2018 was less than £10.


We understand the environmental impact festivals and events can have. Each step forward in our business is a strive to offer a more sustainable service.

  • We source sustainable products that last. Our handmade rugs are ethical, fair trade and made from a rapidly renewable natural fibre, Jute, and with no synthetic materials. We use local Sussex Elm and British made steel legs for our homemade low tables and LED lamps and LED fairy lights for energy efficiency.
  • We don’t use any one-use plastics.
  • We provide recycling bin bags to our customers and we always leave our pitch 100% litter free.
  • Our Vintents Boutique Camping pitch is off grid and requires no electricity, gas or generators.
  • Our business cards are designed and printed by a local business using recycled paper.
  • As previously mentioned – upcycle, upcycle, upcycle.

Our Ethics

To provide a decent service at an affordable cost and treat our worker’s fairly. Our aims:

  • To not discriminate in any shape or form.
  • To pay the National Living Wage as a starting rate for our workers.
  • To use part of our annual profits to support two different charities.
  • To support local businesses and artisans wherever possible.
  • To create a positive community surrounding Vintents and support and promote the development of skills of our staff.

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