Houghton Festival!

We are excited to give our funky tents the platform they deserve at the exciting and fashionable Houghton Festival. Our tents are stylish, unique and spacious. Located in the boutique camping area, you will have access to posh loos and hot showers.

Standard Package:

  • Your canvas frame tent
  • Separate inner tent with built in groundsheet
  • Separate groundsheet and door mat in the utility area
  • Small table and LED lamp
  • Friendly staff on hand throughout the event
  • Posh Loos, Hot Showers

Standard Pricing:

  • 2 person: (SOLD OUT)
  • 4 person: (SOLD OUT)
  • 5 person: (SOLD OUT)
  • 6 person: (SOLD OUT)

Luxury Package:

As standard, but the following is added for a little more comfort:

  • Natural jute rugs
  • Sheepskin rug
  • Pillows
  • Fairy lights and candles
  • Reclaimed wooden table

Luxury Pricing:

  • 2 person: (SOLD OUT)
  • 4 person: (SOLD OUT)
  • 5 person: (SOLD OUT)
  • 6 person: (SOLD OUT)

Additional Bedding Options (per person):

Comfy Air Mattress

  • Single £12.50
  • Double £25.00

Comfy Bedding and Linen Pack
(Sheet, Duvet, Duvet Cover, Pillow & Blanket)

  • Single £35
  • Double £70

Vintage Caravan:

Treat yourself to ultimate comforts and stay in our gorgeous vintage caravan. Some of her fab qualities:

  • Fridge & Gas Hobs
  • 2 Sinks & Mirrors
  • Kettle & Tea/coffee making facilities
  • Lighting + power sockets
  • Wardrobe with hanger and clothes shelves
  • Running Water
  • Lockable door
  • Indoor & outdoor plants

More information here.

For all booking enquiries please email Harry harry@vintents.co.uk or give us a call on 07427 028772.


For WAITING LIST for 2,5,6 bed tents please email Harry harry@vintents.co.uk  with your request, and we’ll see what we can do.

To make a booking please choose from the options below, if you have any enquiries please find Harry’s contact details at the bottom of the page.

Please take a moment to read our Terms & Conditions.

Classic Tent£300.00£450.00
Luxury Tent£430.00£550.00
Double Air mattress£25.00
Single Air mattress£14.00
Double Air Mattress + Double Bedding Package£95.00
Single Air Mattress + Single Bedding Package£49.00


If you have any questions please email harry@vintents.co.uk or give us a call on 07427 028772.