Zip Repairs / Replacements

The first thing that normally goes on canvas tents is the zips. If your zip is not consistently closing and leaving open gaps then it needs replacing. Depending on how warn the teeth and toggles we offer the following zip repair services:

  • Zip toggle replacement – £30
  • Straight full zip replacement – £50
  • Curved full zip replacement £60

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Canvas Patch Repair

Price will depend on the location of the rip or hole in the canvas as well as the size.

  • Priced hourly @ £20/hour.
  • A patch will normally take 1-2 hours.

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Pole Replacement and Welding

We have a large collection of spare frame tent poles – so if you find you’re missing one please get in contact. We can also weld snapped or bent poles.
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Canvas tents need waterproofing every 1-2 years, especially when camping in the UK!

  • Small canvas tent re-proofing £50
  • Large canvas tent re-proofing £80

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