About Us

Vintents was dreamed up as the sun was rising over the stone circle, Glastonbury Festival 2014. Driven by a love for festivals and a desire to find an alternative, sustainable camping option for festival goers.

A quick look around and we realised that there was a wealth of canvas tents in the UK not being used. We set out on a mission to collect some, starting with two that were already in Harry’s Dad’s shed.

We started our first festival with 5 tents and a sign made out of old record covers. Since then we have organically grown our collection one by one to over 200 vintage canvas tents and 60 repurposed bell tents. We have become artisans and learned skilled craft. We consistently deliver top quality, high end glamping experiences all over the country at so many amazing festivals.

It only takes one glance at our collection in a festival to know why we stand out. Every single tent is unique with an incredible palette of vintage colours and patterns. It makes our job so much trickier. We have to know every single tent inside and out. To see the excitement on our customers faces when they arrive makes it worthwhile.