Oct 2014 - Wood Top , Calder Valley - The Collett Tents

Our Tents

Vintents brings a whole new meaning to vintage camping. Assembling our collection of beautiful, vintage canvas tents has been a labour of love.

The results are stunning. Real cotton canvas tents from the 70s and 80s make any event or festival camping experience one to treasure.

Tall enough to stand up in, with full height canopied inner tents protected from the elements by heavy duty built in groundsheets, these are perfectly formed for a long weekend stay.

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A romantic den, a family friendly cottage or a friends-together chillout room – these gorgeous tents are whatever you want them to be.

Individually sourced and each with a palette of canvas colours – burnt siennas, creams, ochres and soft olives – our unique collection will send you into nostalgia overdrive.